chapter twenty two

This won’t be much of a blog post.

I’m trying not to take any major chunk of time away from my family and friends, because time with them is precious and far in between. I was shocked that today was Wednesday and tomorrow (well now by the time you’ll read this) is Christmas Eve!! I feel like I’m imagining everything is a day behind.

I wish it was. There are never enough hours in the days spent at home in Texas. I never want to leave. I wish I never had to at times…

All I want to say is I hope you guys are having a beautiful holiday break, or will be enjoying some time off very soon. I hope your days are spent beside your family or people you love.

And I hope you’re appreciating every second with them. Thanking the people who went out of their way to buy you gifts to show you they love and care about you, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted.

I hope you’re making sure they feel loved, just as I’m sure they hope you feel. It can be an extra compliment, a smile, a simple thank you. I love you.

Life is so beautiful but can be so short at the same time. Days fly by when you’re happy but can drag when you’re feeling down.

But every day, think about what you do have. Don’t focus on what you don’t. If you keep daydreaming of what you wish you had, the things and people that are right next to you might slip right past you.

So remember to cherish them.

Keep them close in your heart.

Whether you believe you have years with them or months, don’t let a day slip by where you didn’t tell them how much you appreciated them.

And if you’re mad at someone? Find the strength and the kindness to forgive this holiday season. Nothing should ever hold you back from sending love to people you care about, and those that care about you.

You never know when they’ll need it the most. You never know if you’ll get the chance to say it again.

I say, put yourself out there!! Love with all your heart. Love blindly.

I think people like to make fun of that nowadays…putting your whole self in to a relationship, romantic or not. Caring for others, even people you don’t know well. And I mean caring for them with all your heart, accepting them with all their baggage.

I think it’s important in every relationship to be vulnerable…to give it your all. How can you strengthen it and grow if not? You can never control variables…but you can show up mentally and physically.

I will spend every second possible with my family and my friends. I’d never want a day to go by where I was able to show them I cared but chose not to, or made them feel like they were not worth it.

They are worth it. Everyone is so worthy of love.

It’s already so late at night…time is running away from me. I hope to wake up early tomorrow so I can see everyone I hope to see!

But I love you all and hope you’re well and happy. Please take care of yourselves this rest of 2015. We have a beautiful new year ahead of us.

Merry Christmas Eve. And a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all.



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