chapter twenty three

Happy New Year!

How is everyone’s 2016 so far? New year, new me, eh? I’d like to think of it as new year…BETTER me. 


My vacation getaway in Punta Cana was THE BEST! I dropped my phone in the pool practically the second I arrived so I don’t have many pictures to reflect back on, but having my nose out of electronics for a few days was exactly what I needed!

Regretfully, I came home with a little Dominican Republic food poisoning, but hey, at least it happened when I was on my way home?! Jump start to my 2016 weight goal aka lost all the food and drink fluff I gained on vacay? Positive thinking or TMI? 😉

Besides that minor setback on my very productive 2016, I’ve been working super hard to organize and clean up our apartment and all the new projects I started last year. My workload was getting a bit cluttery, so now that we have some time off it feels liberating to circle back and fix some things!

One of those things was my store! HUGE thank you to everyone who pre-ordered some of the merch already, I am totally geeking at how successful it’s been even with it just barely on its feet! The KTM team is currently working on any concerns you may have had with shipping arrival times or availability of items, and everything will be much more organized and informative from here on out! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us (specifically about order inquiries only, please) at [EMAIL PROTECTED], we are here to ease all your worries!

Your items will be shipping out by end of this week or early next, so they are almost on their way to you with all the love in the world (and maybe a signature if you ordered early)! The other items are being made and will be sent out as soon as they are in! I’ve had so much fun picking out which pictures to use…might even be looking in to designing some more original stuff soon… WEE!

If you haven’t checked it out, you can find the first round of KTM items at! The store will be linking to my blog soon as well so everything’s a bit more centralized.

We’re upping our quality of images, videos, and merchandise for 2016, so thank you for bearing with me as I gather all the best materials to give you the best products! This has been a very educational process so far, but I’m SO excited to get all the information under my belt so that I can just let the creative juices flow! I’m a total kid in a candy shop with all I’ve been building so far!

Can’t wait to share my candyland with you (lol…I wish).



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