chapter twenty nine

We’re at the halfway point on tour!

I can’t believe it, but time flies when you’re having fun I guess! 

I feel horrendously vain because I’ve been posting selfies every day because of how good my hair and makeup look Nicole has been killing it! AND I feel really cool in all my tour outfits (yay, thanks, Candice)!

We’re so blessed with such a great team this year. Everyone has a specific job to do so everything runs much more smoothly. The lights, content, everything is so much more musical than it ever has been.

And then YOU GUYS! Your energy and you singing along to all the words makes me emotional and proud. 

So I just feel pretty darn cool. Every night is such a standout moment. Thank you.

I’ve seen some wonderful friends along the way as well, and that’s another one of my favorite parts of tour!!

My mom came to the Denver show to visit my godmother who lives in Boulder, and of course, me. J We rode bikes, ate healthy treats, and worked out, haha! I felt like a true Colorado….ian.

So I know I’ve been on my workout spiel, but WOW, I have to take a moment to congratulate everyone who is able to move and breathe in Colorado. 

IT’S SO HARD. It’s so dry and the elevation will come after you hardcore. So for all the fitness gurus and singers out there, I am SO impressed by you. I was heaving on stage just power walking to the other side.

Then my friend Jessica came out to be with me starting in Vegas! Jeremy and Pascal came too, yay! I loved being able to snuggle with the little one and get to know him as he grows, but it made me miss my big baby Olaf even more.

We all ventured around the strip, grabbed classy dinner, and then tried to go see a show but couldn’t stay awake long enough for the main act to go on (sorry Disclosure). I must really be entering those mid-twenties I guess…

I also played Blackjack Switch for the first time ever and won $140!!!! I have to brag, because I don’t think I’ve ever won that much EVER. And we played slots but would cash out when we were up even just $5-10 dollars, so really I think I walked away with a win of almost $200!

Generally when I gamble I’m either just randomly lucky and cash out, or I get angry that I’m so bad at everything that I just trash my money.

This smart, ‘quit while you’re ahead’ business is much smarter and keeps me more accountable so I don’t just throw bills, haha.

Then we basically had a mini high school reunion in Berkeley. I love catching up with old friends and hearing where they are in life. It’s just special to see people you used to be so close to having fun and doing well!

The venue was also super cool because it was an outdoor coliseum that was perfect because it was also the day Game of Thrones Season 6 premiered. 

I have not yet seen it. 

If you post a spoiler I will cry. 

Please don’t.

Jessica, Nicole, Kate and I had a mini girls day in Portland full of mani/pedis, massages, and donuts. Yes, donuts.

$150 worth of DONUTS.

I’m exaggerating because it really was only like $30…we bought T-shirts, haha!!

If anyone is ever traveling to Portland, you have to stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. Forget the diet for a while or whatever you need to accept these donuts into your life. They will rock your world. No need to say more.

My taste of each one I tried got smaller and smaller because I was getting super full AND because Jeremy is taking me to Cabo for my birthday!!!!


I have never been to Mexico, which is super weird, I think!!! I’ve always wanted to go and obviously have some family history there as well.

It’s going to be super amazing and I already have the countdown on my phone. So no more donuts for me today ;)

Is anyone else doing something beachy and fun for the start of summer?

My store just came out with some new merch items that I will definitely be bringing with me on my trip! It’s a summer starter kit with a tote, a towel, lip balm, and a water bottle! Just make sure to bring your sunscreen, loves!! J

Thank you again for all the fun. I get to head back to LA soon to cuddle the kiddos, so more updates after that!

Work hard for your summer! We are almost there!




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