chapter thirty two

Hello from 24-year-old me!

Someone just yesterday asked the general question of how old people in the room were and I did the initial stutter of, whoa, new answer!

I love it though! 24 has been pretty great so far.

Mexico was just so amazing...

Thank you all a thousand times over for the birthday well wishes.

 I’m sure my repetitive obnoxious tweets were bothersome enough, but I really did feel so incredibly loved this year. So thanks for letting me be emotional 

Mexico was so amazing. It was the first time I’d ever been. I hadn’t felt so wide-eyed and excited since Japan!

So many things made me warm with nostalgia and emotional over childhood memories. The people there were so incredibly kind and easy to get along with. To my embarrassment, I would throw in my minimal Spanish here and there, even though I could understand most all of what they were saying…

That makes me so sad, not being able to speak Spanish fluently. Both sets of my grandparents can speak fluently, but they never taught my mom or dad. I took years of Spanish in high school but it’s the same as with all languages, when it’s not a constant in your life or you have no one to practice with, you lose bits and pieces.

I’m also that annoying “I don’t want to embarrass myself” person, even though I’m really pushing myself to get over it. For how can I truly learn and be better without stumbling or embarrassing myself a bit?

I went snorkeling for the first time which was SO fun! I felt like a true Ariel 

What kind of vacations do you guys like to go on?

Can you even believe that blue sky?!

I used to be major city girl. 

Tropical or beach-y vacations always seemed mundane to me. My mom and I loved to explore big cities and pack our days with new shows, ventures, and sights! I never thought just lounging for hours could be at all relaxing…but I absolutely love it now, haha! And we balance the relaxation with some sort of exploration or activity!

All in all, spending time in Mexico with my honey was perfect. Seeing my little fur babies even for a short second was perfect.

And now we’ve jetted off to Europe!

Jet lag is major killing me this time, guys. I’m in that weird in-between asleep and awake place where you just feel kind of delusional…and giggly! So forgive any weird social media posts for the next week or so!

We flew to Dublin this past Saturday and arrived very early Sunday. Let me tell you…it’s incredibly difficult to stay awake for over 6 hours after an international fight, no matter how much or little sleep received. At least in my opinion!

I love Dublin though! I wish I could visit all these wonderful places we go for much longer. It’s always hard to balance taking care of myself truly with just wanting to explore and hang out in each place. 

The first show was so wonderful, so thank you to everyone that was there. It made me so excited for the rest of the European leg!!! 

Jeremy comes to visit me from London through Amsterdam and my mom is coming to Spain till the end of tour in Portugal! We have only just begun…but I cannot wait for what this leg of tour has in store for us!


“B b but Kirstin, what is Kirstin Connect?!” Let me tell you...

Getting my new forum together on the beach - so exciting!

Very often I meet someone new who tells me how they’ve enjoyed my blog or have felt inspired by some of the stories I’ve shared and it really makes me happy. I absolutely love sharing little pieces my life with y’all, its therapeutic in so many ways. What I don’t like, is hearing people say that they don’t have a place to share their own stories and opinions, or that they feel like their voice just gets lost on social media. That’s not right, and I’ve made it my goal to do something about it.

I’ve been working for months with my team to develop a new community that is 100% for you. This isn’t about who has the most followers… or who gets more likes on their latest post… this is a place where you can feel free to share, talk, and be yourself without having to stress about being a certain way to impress those around you. 

I am extremely grateful for the platform I’ve been given to share chapters of my own life with you all. Now, I’d like to give everyone else a chance to develop a community to share their own thoughts, stories, and experiences. 

So I challenge everyone to head over to Kirstin Connect on my website and sign up for your own profile. Head to the category “Sincerely, You” and create your own topic. Start sharing your own thoughts and stories, and after you’re done… take a few minutes to read through someone else’s. You don’t have to write a novel, or make a ton of comments; just let people know if something they said made an impact on you. Simple as that.

I’m really looking forward to logging on to read some of your chapters, and can already tell I’ll be leaving a few comments of my own to let you know just how much your words have inspired me.



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