chapter thirty three

I think everyone wants a perfect love.

 A head over heels, picturesque thing. We search it out as humans, because who doesn’t want to feel loved?

My love stepped in to my life when I least expected him.

When I was not looking. When I was struggling.

When I wasn’t ready to give him the best me possible because I was denying it from myself.

He was patient. He was kind. 

He was all sorts of unrealistic to me, because who would drive over 5 hours to spend time with someone for even less than that to wait around because she’s on tour and then have to drive that 5 hours back? Over and over again. Who would move anything, do anything, remove anything out of their life with no hesitation just for me? 

Just to be with me?

I think life can knock you down to prepare you for the ups. 

It throws a wrench in to your life to teach you and the people around you to be strong. Even if it knocks you down, you struggle to get back up. There’s so much beauty to that – I know now.

I am so blessed and amazed by Jeremy Lewis. 

I was since the first night we started having weirdly in-depth conversations for two people that had just met each other, haha!

I continue to be amazed by him.

And I plan on being amazed for many more years...

We’re engaged!

Cheers xx Love, Kirstin

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