chapter thirty one

Today is the last day of our first U.S. leg of the Pentatonix World Tour.

AND my birthday is in 4 days!


I can’t express how joyful this last week was. I said LA was my favorite show of tour, but honestly, this entire week was just full of wonderful audiences and special times.

Part of that special, was getting to see my family! My dad and sis came to Tulsa to visit and see the show and then I saw my sweet momma in Austin on Mother’s Day (thanks amazing tour routing)! 

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to love on and spend that special day with her, so I was overjoyed to be with her. We got Mother’s Day brunch and then we drove back home after the show, rolling in to our house at about 4am!

She drove because she doesn’t trust me (I fall asleep, oops) so I was trying to entertain by snapchatting and singing. So I was either being fun or obnoxious, dunno which…

I seriously have the best mom in the entire world. Not only is she so beautiful inside and out, but I have never not felt loved or appreciated from her. She is such a wonderful example of giving everything selflessly, of loving and putting something before your own wishes or needs.

She is so incredible to me.

I hope to be half the person, half the mother, she is one day. <3

I was so happy to go home and spend the day seeing my Nana and Pa. I’d love to visit home in Texas more than I do now, but sometimes there is just no time to. So whenever I can, I make sure I can get out to see them!! Time is so precious. The little spaces of opportunity that I can fit in a visit, even if it’s just a long layover, are so important.

And people appreciate it too. I can’t tell you how special I’d feel when Jeremy lived elsewhere but would drive out of his way to visit me even just for a few hours while I was on tour. Sometimes he’d drive more hours back and forth than we even got to spend together, just to see little ol’ me!

You prioritize and make time for the people you love and care about. I just wish I could do more. Be there more, even just to pop in for breakfast like ol’ times!

I hung out with an friend I haven’t spoken to in a while back home. When he came over to my mom’s house, he laughed saying it hadn’t changed a bit! 

I kinda like that. I think my mom purposely kept most of it that way…so I’d have something comforting and familiar to come home to whenever I wanted. <3

As many of you know, I saw BEYONCE while I was home with my friend and my mom. I didn’t even realize she was in town until I heard it on the news at my Nana and Pa’s!

It started off as one of those little ideas you get in your head, the ones you try to shake off like, nah that’ll never happen. 

Then the little nugget seed of an idea became a seedling, and then continued to spread its “what if” branches further in to my thoughts until I was freaking out about even having the potential of going! I was so fortunate to find tickets and they were AMAZING! Like God was giving me an early birthday present!!

I’ll be honest. While I have always loved and appreciated Beyonce, there was never a time in my life where she was my absolute, hands down #1. Don’t throw the tomatoes and food at me just yet.

I have always respected many of her qualities, I have always geeked over her talent and her beauty, and I have always aspired to be more like her as a singer, performer, and business woman. She has always been on point, exuding confidence I never felt like I had until the last few years. She was almost too robotic to me, too incredible to ever connect with or even dream of sharing any qualities with.

I will never forget her concert. How inspired and alive I felt. How much fun I was having.

And most of all, I will never forget how genuine she seemed as she called out her home state. How she recognized where she came from, how she explained the importance of loving and taking care of yourself. 

“The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.”

I believe that true. How can you build any other relationships without knowing, accepting, and loving yourself?

Little steps..

I knew she would be flawless, no pun intended. And she absolutely was. But I loved, and needed, to appreciate her as a strong woman who fought for her career from Texas. A woman that didn’t take no for an answer and set her own rules for herself. Someone real.

With normal problems and experiences, normal heartbreak, normal family drama.

Someone so powerful that I literally crumbled to a screaming mess from mere eye contact. That’s some serious stuff right there.

But as expected, her concert was amazing and inspiring. And it left me on a high that I carried with me to the Nashville show!

THANK YOU ALL for the birthday box and a special shout out to Tara and Andy for making sure it got to me! I’m saving it until my actual birthday so I can unwrap all the goodies then…I did go ahead and rip in to the fudge though, oops.

But seriously, I can’t wait! Thanks guys!!! 

The shows have been so incredible. I can’t believe four weeks have flown by.

Today is the last day of our first U.S. leg of the Pentatonix World Tour.

All I can say, is thank you.

Thank you all for singing and clapping along.

Thank you for your tears, your smiles, your laughter.

Thank you for bringing us your stories full of joy, full of heartbreak, full of empowerment.

We are so happy to be a part of your lives, and thank you for being a part of ours.

I love you so much.

I can’t wait to see you guys in Europe.

Next week I’ll be greeting you from Mexico! Till then!




P.S. Make sure to watch the trio on Bones May 19th on Fox!!! So excited!

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