chapter thirty nine

I felt the need to not write about a current event that has transpired over the last week, although like always there is much I could have said and many of my own opinions I end up stifling so I don’t go blabbing something I probably know barely anything about.

Now this does not mean I don’t care about the events that happened. I have a LOT of comments, truly.

But I am not a political or current events website and I feel the need to direct you guys to something else as opposed to the darkness that is already clouding the media. There is still so much I have to read up on over the past week anyway, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

This past weekend we hosted a little birthday party for Olaf and invited all his furry friends (aka all our friends, teehee) and it was SO fun!! We were all geeking asking the pet company if we could hold human birthday parties there as well…cause what’s more fun than a party WITH dogs?

Thank you guys for joining our little livestream! We were trying to raise money for the Humane Society! Thanks to everyone that contributed. <3

I must be such a dog mom (yikes, what will I be when I’m a real human momma).

I know Olaf is just a dog, but he is absolutely so important and such a major party of the family. And it was really special to watch him be so happy.

We live in an apartment so we don’t have a huge yard for him and Pascal to roam around all day. We are just blessed to have a big wrap-around patio! But to see both of their faces light up and sprint around yards or be able to play with a bunch of different dogs in an open and safe place?

It’s the little things, I guess. It was cool.

Throwing a “dog party” is kind of just like throwing your own party but with your dogs, but I think I made it special for him too. <3

I hope so at least! I can’t count how many times I’ve come home upset, crying, or emotional in general and was comforted by a warm furry hug and Olaf’s strangely expressive and knowing eyes.

I think having him around the past two years has helped me more than I could ever explain. It gave me structure to my life, responsibility, love and acceptance and companionship from a being that doesn’t judge and only really loves.

By the way, I’m that person that cries at all the dog commercials, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Owning a dog is also not a joke. It’s not a walk in the park (just call me Michael Alvarado, everyone).

My heart breaks every time I hear a story of people giving up their puppies because they didn’t know what they were getting in to, or even WORSE people giving up dogs they’ve had for years either because they’re getting too old or because they want a new bouncy puppy to fill its place.

I hate seeing breed discrimination against pit bulls and breeds that “have the tendency to be aggressive,” which are a category Olaf and Pascal fall under.

I mean c’mon. I was bit by a Chihuahua in the face, haha. But the pitbull I grew up with? Never even remotely terrified of him.

Just because many were chosen to be bred in to hate, does not make the entire breed bad by nature. Just because they are built compact and full of muscle, does not mean they can’t cuddle as well as furrier, “cuter,” and “less scary” dogs.

It’s the duty of an owner to train their dogs, gain respect from their dogs so they obey, and educate the people around them.

It’s the same for parents to their children to educate in the same way about “tendencies,” differences, and rights and wrongs.

Does any dog, does any human, have the capability of doing these bad things?

Nothing is impossible. Everyone is capable of committing bad actions.

Where you draw the line for yourself matters. The actions you take to follow your words matters. The mentality you use to strive for something better matters and the pursuit of it.

Everyone makes mistakes.

I don’t know how to tell Pascal that peeing in his crate is not okay, he just does not understand, haha.

But we don’t give up on him.

I enjoy the simplicity of watching my dogs’ eyes light up when they get to come inside for the day, or when they come to lick my face hello in the morning. I love that by nature they only want to love.

I miss that natural inkling in the world.

Treat yourself sometime (ha, okay I’ll stop soon).

There’s still so many little and big things to enjoy in the world.

Go find them!

And maybe catch some Pokemon while you’re at it. ;)



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