chapter thirty four

Well, hello!

So much has happened this year (this WEEK really)! How are we already halfway done!?

I CALLED IT GUYS! I called it the second I woke up in the new year! I had this really amazing comforting feeling - that 2016 was the year to move some mountains! 

Thank you guys so much for all the congratulatory messages on our engagement! YAYYYYYY!!!!

I have basically just been floating the last week in happiness. I keep stealing looks at my left hand in disbelief! I'm being such a girl.

But I'm so happy!!! 

Again, if I have been MIA to any messages or texts, I apologize again! In the midst of champagne celebrating in Amsterdam, I went in to pay for dinner, left my dead phone on the table and not even two seconds after we were all walking away had my phone stolen!!! Then in my flustered state, I stumbled backwards and got hit by a bike, baha.

Totally me, I guess.

But I'm bummed because I know I'm missing out on some texts, so I just feel like a total jerk. Sorrrrrrry!

It’s a crazy word: fiancé.

I keep talking about Jeremy as my boyfriend and then correcting myself with the new term. It’s so mature. I love it!! I feel old, haha, in a good way.

For those inquiring about dates, colors, bridesmaids, etc. I have decided NOTHING yet. But I would really LOVE it if you would help me choose? I am looking at ideas right now through Pinterest and if you want, you can follow me on my Pinterest board here > Wedding Bells

Right now I am just enjoying this new state of being with someone I love and I’m not trying to rush anything!

Since Jeremy left (we sadly parted in Amsterdam), I’ve been on some allergy craziness! 

I DON’T KNOW WHY but I think the entire northeast part of Europe (Netherlands, upper Germany, etc) hates my guts. At least the greenery hates me, because WOW I have not had such horrid allergy issues all year!!! I’ve been doing so well, you guys!

To Germans and Europeans in general, I applaud you for battling through these pollen storms. Hay fever here is legit.

I was being dramatic yesterday because we had an outdoor venue in Hamburg, Germany and it was so beautiful yet horrible for me at the same time. I don’t know if the actual pollen was ruining me as much as my overanxious mind was from seeing it all floating in the air.

Just under three more weeks of our European tour now! Time does fly.

So much has happened to ME recently, now what about you guys!?

I have to say, I've started to read some of your posts on #KirstinConnect and I am truly so honored and proud that you would share all your stories with our community. 

And I do mean ours. If you haven’t signed up already, we would all love it if you joined us!

It takes a lot to step forward and speak your mind. To give your real opinions amidst controversy or negativity.

I am so honored that many of you feel safe enough to express yourselves in something I’ve created with my team. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you all: to be yourselves and to be confident being yourself! It’s so important!! 

I know that sometimes all the advice I can offer to a wounded heart are the words right here in this blog and that I can’t respond to every challenge in each person’s life even though I want to and care, but I can’t tell you how special it is to see all of you taking care of each other.

Sharing experiences and stories. Empathizing. 

The community Pentatonix has built has been my favorite thing about this journey so far. Music is so incredible in that sense. 

I really love how beautiful, caring, and kind each of you are.

I appreciate your ability to stay positive with me, and I’m continually blown away by the immense talent you all have to offer the world as well. I did my best to show a small token of my appreciation in my latest collaboration (I’m so sorry if they’re already gone by the time you’re reading this, but THANK YOU to all the fans who helped)

I truly appreciate all you’ve done for me on maybe a day when you didn’t even know I was sad, how your kindness sparked inspiration and peace in my heart. 

Thank you all.

I am having so much fun recently. I have so much joy in my heart! I hope you guys feel the same. If you have a minute to share something going on in your life, please do in the comments here or on my forum! <3

Germany pollen, please be kind to me as I travel this next week. You are too lovely to stay cooped inside all day long!

Hope you’re healthy and happy, my friends.


Love, Kirstin

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