chapter thirty eight

I want to say something.

I need to say something, to stand up and be the voice that some people cannot or are too afraid to be.

But I can’t make sense of it myself most of the time. 

So how can I put my voice forward when I feel uneducated, not able to fully comprehend, and just…sad?

I try to find related events, posts, blogs, anything talking about all the hate going on. It’s not hard, it seems at least two horrible things happen every week. Realistically, that’s an understatement.

I try to educate myself. I try to form my own opinion.

But I’m just too stuck trying to pick out the good in people, trying to believe they have a shred of decency even with the horrible crimes committed.

I try to empathize and imagine all sides. When I list the pros, I think, well how could this ever have happened?

What are we missing here?

What do we all need?

When will it happen?

And how?

Do we all just assume the worst of each other? When did human nature become so naturally negative? When did our eyes become so clouded? 

I think everyone stereotypes what they believe a group of people are in some regard, in some walk of their life. Stereotyping is not blind to race, looks, or sex. The lies afflict everyone.

I have done it. I’m sure many of you have as well, even if it was something that “wasn’t a big deal” or “everyone thinks.”

We have no reasoning to act from these falsehoods classifying entire groups.


Individuals are the only ones we can hold accountable for their own faults and misfortunes.

There are bad individuals in this world.

Whether sometimes you can categorize them into a group based on similarities they do have committing the same wrong, the same injustice, the same indecent disgusting thing, it still does not speak for the entire race, group, or religion.

And it’s also not your right to assume.

Now, I don’t want to write this and have everyone fighting in the comments below. That is not the point. We don’t need more fighting in the world.

 I want people to really think about what is happening around them. To stop ignoring it, because ignoring it does not make it go away.

I want to not just hope that things will get better across the board, I want to believe it too.

I want us to be united. To call for action, but an action that stimulates actual systematic change not actions that provoke violence.

There is no right way. I definitely don’t have the magic answer. We are absolutely stumbling. 

As a young person, as a young adult, as an older adult, it’s difficult to see the world falling like this.

But this is our world. This is our future.

That’s exactly why it’s our duty to do everything in our power to make sure we change for the better.

We will never be perfect. That’s unrealistic.

But we can, and we always can be better.

That needs to be the focus.

No more hate.

Even words can kill.



P.S. Today is my booboo’s second birthday! Go send Olaf some warm hugs!!!

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