chapter thirteen

I’m guilty.

I’m totally guilty of spending too much the last few weeks.

I have reasons though! (Excuses? Eh? Eeek!)

1. We moved in to our new apartment! Our furniture looked so dark and weird in comparison to the light, homey feel of the new place so we splurged on good quality furniture that would and should keep for years! They can even refinish the wood stain so that we’ll never have the problem (excuse) of saying it doesn’t work in any new place we’ll ever live in.

2. I dropped my wallet in New York a couple weeks ago so I needed a new wallet…and a new purse to match…right? By the way in case you care to hear the story I was running in the rain with my purse open (MISTAKE, HELLO) while trying to shelter two slices of pizza under my body with Will…

I lost the wallet and ONE slice of pizza. WHAT!?

Also…where did that ONE slice of pizza go?! My wallet yeah, but THE PIZZA!?!

3. My best friend from Texas was in town! She was supposed to come out on tour with me for a bit but welp…it got cancelled. Just our luck! But! It doesn’t matter because instead of only coming for four days, Jessica spent a week out in Los Angeles with me! AND I took her to Vegas for her first time! Which intros me in to my next point…

4. Vegas, oh, Vegas. You’re just a money trap, aren’t you?

Now granted, every time I’ve gone to Vegas I don’t think I’ve ever gone full out with the whole experience.

I’ve been there on tour before but either been ridiculously sick or underage so nothing exciting happened except maybe hotel room service.

Which…don’t get me wrong, is ALWAYS exciting.

The first time I really went to Vegas was with my mom when I’d just turned twenty-one. I’d gotten her Shania Twain tickets for Mother’s Day and thought we could both go and enjoy time there since we’d never really been.

My biggest mistake was booking it during Memorial Day weekend aka the time in Vegas where everyone dresses in tiny dresses and skyscraper heels and limps their way in to the taxi to go to whatever club they’ll be spending their night at.

As my mom and I were not ready for that culture quite yet, I’m pretty sure we opted for some Mexican food and a movie. Not too Vegas-y, eh?

I’ve been for EDC as well, but that’s an event all by itself and I’ve never stayed on the strip when I’ve gone since it’s so far away.

So with Jessica, Jeremy, friends, and even Olaf in tow, we all ventured out to Vegas excited and eager for a good, fun time! Our friend had invited us out for the iHeart Radio Music Festival and the lineup on Friday was amazing so we were ready to go!

Well…ready to go in the mid-afternoon. Anyone from the Los Angeles area will smack us in the head for that mistake.

Total rush hour traffic.

It seemed like everyone was heading to Vegas…and after the four hour drive turned in to a little under seven hour drive, I was convinced.

Almost. Seven. Hours.

Shout out to Jeremy for driving!! Put me under the wheel for a second over three hours and I’m snoozing. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to drive long distances.

By the time we got to Vegas we’d missed so many of the acts we were looking forward to. 


We caught the end (YAY KANYE) and it was so much fun!! The rest of the weekend was spent going out and exploring Vegas! We went to iHeart Village and the festival Saturday as well!

I even almost got to meet JLO. I stood at the side of her meet n greet (Thanks, Eddy!) and teared up off and on at the thought of even saying hello to her.

Not sure if you guys know, but I’m a total fan. Remember Jenny from the Block days? When she had her own clothing and jewelry line? Yep, have a video of me wearing all her stuff as well as a lovely selection from Limited Too (lol) saying how much I loved her and looked up to her.

So little Kirstie in me was about to explode at the thought of taking a picture with her, but then she had to leave!!

But you know what!? That’s okay.

I hope I can meet her one day in a new setting where I (maybe) won’t be weeping. Maybe even where I can speak to her as artist to artist, and THEN cry and tell her how much she’s meant to me and influenced me as a performer.

She’s also Benjamin Button, right? She looks AMAZING.

Maybe she’d mentor me and teach me her ways so I can follow in her footsteps…but I don’t think my butt is big enough to follow in her stride. (big, big booty yeah she got a big…yeah….)

All in all, the weekend was a blast. You can make plans in Vegas (me), get anxious about everyone having a good time or not (me), or be frustrated when things don’t completely work out (me), OR you can chill and relax. In life, really.

Did everything happen the way we all expected? Well, no.

Did I have an incredible time regardless, surrounded with friends and great music? Yes!!

Plans may not always go through, but there will always be back-ups and fun times to be had. Especially in Vegas, haha!

So don’t get caught up on something and let it completely ruin everything. Things happen, it’s okay! Accept. And have fun!!

I especially have to give thanks to a wonderful friend, Eddy Flores, who helped us all have the best time ever this weekend. Not only is he one of the most hardworking individuals I know, he’s also the most welcoming, the warmest. He gives and gives and helps and helps just because he cares and loves. And never does he ask for anything in return.

That’s really cool and rare to find. And we are all so thankful.

I was so blessed to be able to share this Vegas experience with friends from home and California. I finally feel like I’m building such solid relationships here that build me up and I know I can lean on. It’s cool. 


So to the people that never ask for anything in return, to the ones who are so good to you, tell them today how much you appreciate them. How much they mean to you.

The ones that make sure you’ll have a good time by taking care of you and others in Vegas even though their schedule couldn’t be busier. The ones that will fly a thousand miles and extend their trip just to be with you.

I’m very happy I got to spend my big Vegas experience with these guys. You’re close to my heart.

Now back home to work-ahem I mean cuddle Olaf.



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