chapter sixteen

Greetings from NYC!

We are back in my happy place for promo week, haha! Now if only I could get myself in to see Hamilton. THAT would be amazing!

I also have yet to lose a pizza (or a wallet) but hey, week’s only just begun! (Ehh…)

I went to the Magic Castle last week!!!! Thank you, Derek!

I don’t know what I can say really…but I can say that it was AAAAAAMAZING. I was geeking and giggling the entire time.

Jeremy and I went with our moms. They met for the first time! What better first hangout than seeing some magic, yeah?

But…it was so wonderful to have family in town. I did that thing again where I kind of escape from reality. Get so comfortable with the companionship of family and loved ones that I pretend I’m not about to embark on weeks of promo.

So by the time my mom left Sunday I was like ooooop. I leave tomorrow.

Commence running around last minute trying to get everything done and failing horribly.

I just didn’t want to take away any more of the little time I had with our moms!! Maybe that’s an excuse but…I just wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. :/ I was busy during the week when Jeremy’s mom was here. And my mom came over the weekend and was only here for about two days.

The last thing I wanted to do was anything but be with them. My personal conundrum.

But I had a wonderful time and I think they did as well.

I miss my mom and the comfort she brings. My family back home. The worst is when someone asks you a question (when will you be home again) and you have no answer. I’m always like, “I’m sorry. I…don’t know.” And then list off all the times I’ll hopefully be home, like the holidays.

I’m pretty sure this year we will be home for the holidays though! I know these weeks will fly by with how busy we are. They already have!

I won’t be home for Halloween though so don’t expect any costumes or fun, haha! I guess I’ll save money then? Positive thoughts? Boo…hoo.

But how have you guys been? How’s your #octoberlovin? 😉 I can’t wait to see all of YOUR costumes!

Also dying in anticipation for the album release and all the other fun stuff going on this week and next!

I can’t tell you how busy today was! First my computer exploded (sorta), and then we were running around all rest of the day with press! Which obviously is a wonderful thing. We had so much fun today. Just exhausted now.

Going to head to bed soon so I am incredibly well-rested for Fallon tomorrow! Have too many exciting things this week and weekend that depend on me being in good vocal shape to not take care of myself!

As we delve in to the middle of promo week with all these questions of how we got to where we are, I have to thank you guys once again. Because it’s all you!

Thank you guys for all the support you’ve been giving us all these years! It doesn’t matter how big we dream, how hard we work, etc without what you guys do for us every day.

I’m so happy to have a platform where I can connect with you all and can’t wait for it to expand over time. Looking forward to this next fun, busy week!




P.S. Since I can’t participate in Halloween, I’ll just post a thousand pictures and sneak peaks of me dressing up in other ways. Sorry for spamming 


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