chapter seventeen



How have two weeks flown by!? Halloween is in three days and then it’s November!

We’ve had a crazy, hectic past two weeks, huh everyone?

I’m so sorry to have skipped out on a week of #KTMofficial but as I’m sure you’ve seen all the good news, I think we can say it was worth it!

Where to begin?! So many exciting things to recap on…

Our album Pentatonix released Friday, October 16th! I pretty much drowned in all the love (or all my tears from the love) that you guys showered us with! It was so fun to read everyone’s reactions as we listened through, or to scroll through comments and see what everyone’s favorites were.

It was also special to me because this is the first time a song I’ve written has been picked for an album! I wrote “Water” about two years ago and finally had the nerve to bring it in to a songwriting session earlier this year. Then Kevin brought “Take Me Home” in and we finessed lyrics on that.

It’s special. To have something born of vulnerability and emotions transform into this living, breathing track on the album. To have something that means so much find its place amongst the rest, just as I feel I have personally been doing this year.

So, thank you guys for any kind of feedback on all our songs. It’s cool to see what resonates with each one of you, how some songs make people feel the same emotions but from different situations.

That’s the unifying power of music. And it’s the best. 


That weekend I went to Orlando to film a magical little video with Jeremy! He rented a red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to drive us around for the weekend as a pre-anniversary gift! AMAZING. We’ve never felt so cool driving around anywhere, haha!

We filmed the video that for now has a release date of TBD and went to Disney’s Epcot that weekend! It was also Food and Wine week…aka the best week ever.

I geeked as we went around to all the different countries because Jeremy and I have never had the chance to do that.

I always get to go to all these incredible places. I fall asleep one night and wake up the next in an exciting new location! It’s honestly the best possible scenario ever! But it always sucks to send love from so far away to someone who has never been able to have that same chance.

Better yet, at Epcot Japan went in to France I think (I’m not sure…was being blinded by the tears of excitement)!?

As silly as it was, I was holding Jeremy’s hand and thinking look, we’re traveling the world together. I remember this from a visit here, I ate this when I went to ____. That’s so accurate or this is a little extreme.

I got to share a special part of my life with my special someone. I had lots of festive drinks and food to celebrate, haha!

Watching The Voices of Liberty and meeting all the kind people there was really something special. I was brought back to the feeling when you’re in or listening to a choir, where everyone is singing freely and touching hearts. The harmonies that really stir feelings within you, and the people who are simply doing it out of joy.

I had that feeling again listening to the kids I was so blessed to work with for Little Kids Rock. The talent they had!! When my part with them was all said and done I just went out and listened to them sing. And man, are they something.

It was October 20th, a very special day for me besides all the busy exciting things going on. When I got in to my hotel early morning (aka midnight) Jeremy and I toasted to two years together with bundles of roses, champagne, chocolate covered fruit, and my favorite, mac-n-cheese. 


Two good years. Two bad years. Two years of everything.

I don’t think a beautiful relationship is made up of something from a fairy tale. I definitely used to, imaging it would be this perfect match. But it’s made up of something more than a storybook love.

Yes, love is one of the most powerful things in the entire world. But love will not make up a good relationship only. You need respect. You need understanding.

I’ve never grown so much or learned more about myself than over the past two years. I don’t need to go in to too many details about how crappy of a person I was before Jeremy lifted me up, haha, but…

For the girls and boys I see who think we are a fairy tale, we are not. We are not perfect. We are flawed.

I have said and done mean things against him and he has to me. We are human. A good relationship will last based on how you perceive what struggles come at you from within the both of you and outside circumstances. A fight is only a discussion that needs to be worked through. A misunderstanding is only a feeling that needs to be listened to and consoled.

Not everyone gets that.

I certainly did not get that.

It took two years to get to the amazing place we are at right now and we will have some more bumps along the road and learn even more by the next year or year after.

But it’s cool…to believe in something so much. To be grounded by something while all the same knowing your worth and purpose without them. So that way when you are unified, you are even better.

It was a matter of accepting things as they were. Not pretending or hiding qualities I knew I had the capacity to have.

I thank and admire this wonderful person every day for being with me through my journey. I’m so, so blessed and humbled by his ability to put me first countless of times or just listen to me be a total girl and cry for no reason (HEY there’s always a reason…!?!)

My water. I am proud to call him mine.

I don’t mean to rant too much in to this. But as much as I want to write a million paragraphs on how amazing Jeremy is, I just want people to know that relationships are built off so much more and take two people to give their all too. You can learn so much from the other person, and that’s what makes you better.

I can write about all the amazing things, but I want people to know that all the bad formed us too.

But I think that makes us even more special. 


So after Today show, after press, after running from CD signing to LKR (thanks for everyone that waited in New York) I thought I’d be exhausted!! But I was so inspired, so filled up with love and inspiration from my boyfriend and the musicians and singers on stage that I felt energized.

It was just one of those full circle moments. The ones where you have to just shut up and look around you.

What a treasured memory.

I have to thank Little Kids Rock and everyone that allowed me to be a part of such a wonderful event. Nothing is more inspiring than passion and the kids and teachers there were filled to the brim with it.

The rest of the week was filled with friends and fun at home in Los Angeles. I had a Halloween party!! Woooo, got my Halloween jitters out, haha! I promised I’d spam some pictures so…here ya go. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

It felt good to be around friends again. Felt carefree. Relaxed.

Then Sunday was another marker in our history…in history in general. #1 Debut Billboard Album.


I don’t have much to say that I haven’t said already.

I hate that it seemed to focus more on a competition against another incredible musician near the end, but I am over the moon happy that we have all you guys that care about us so much to do anything in the world for us to succeed regardless.

Some of you I know. Some of you I don’t.

But to think that you would be looking out for our best interests a million miles away and do everything to make sure we were well?

Heck, it’s hard to even get that from people around you, haha!!

But thank you for just listening. For fighting for us. For the feelings you share after listening to our songs.

They drive our fire. They spark our hearts in to even more creativity and feelings that we want to share.

In the end with any and all adversity in your way, know why you came here. For the music. For the feelings that provided.

That’s what keeps me going all the time. 


I love you all so, so much and am thankful to be able to express myself through my music and words. Thank you all for the opportunity.



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