chapter nineteen

Whoa. Promise I’m alive.

I suck though!! I made a big deal in Japan about how I would definitely release next week and wrote about half of the blog out, but didn’t post.

Just been so laggy. It’s definitely that end of the year grind.

When I went home for Thanksgiving break I slept pretty much entirely from 5pm to 11am the night I arrived (oops, sorry Mom and Jeremy).

What?! Who does that?!

I know I make jokes all the time like, “Brb gonna go hibernate” but WOW.

I feel inactive on social media too. I miss all our conversations, I feel like a bad Twitter friend, baha! I wonder how y’all are doing and if you’re staying happy and warm this holiday! I hope so! J

On a bright note, I am almost done with Christmas shopping. THANK GOODNESS. Online shopping is key when traveling!

I also got lots of little fun gifts in Japan…shhh, don’t tell.

Speaking of Japan – I traveled back in time!

Well, I mean…not really I guess, but I was hours ahead in Tokyo so I can say that because it sounds cooler, eh?

It always feels a bit strange and awesome to leave and get back the same day earlier.


I miss Japan!

I have to share all the fun new things I tried on my trip this time, because it was a lot! I’m so happy to have had so many new experiences and I feel so blessed to have been able to be in Japan for nine days actually working every single day for press. What a blessing!

Here are the new things I tried! It’s gonna be a big list of food but…GREAT. 


Okonomiyaki! My new favorite thing in the world. It’s like a big savory pancake! We got to make it on one of the TV shows and I was so nervous to flip it but it was so fun! It also consisted of cheese, vegetables, and more cheese so what can be better than that?Yakiniku! Now I know what all the fuss is about. It’s like Japanese BBQ and you make it at the table! So fun!! So tasty!!Tako-yaki. Um. Little dumpling balls of octopus. Can’t say I was pleased, baha, but tried it!!I had ramen in Japan this time! I know that sounds really basic, but I never knew ramen could be so incredibly delicious. It was actually incredible, I kept having to say over and over how much it was blowing my mind at dinner. Sugoi! 


Kawaii Monster Cafe. Cute monsters. No explanation needed – it was ADORABLE.

SAILOR MOON CAFE – sorta. It was a little place called Namjatown and had Sailor Moon food items and merchandise inside. I bought and ate everything just to see it in person. I also turned into a five year old upon entering the place screaming “Wahhhh sailor moon!!!” I’m embarrassing. But maybe not as embarrassing as when I did karaoke? “Girlfriend” – Avril Lavigne was the hit of the night…Kawasaki Warehouse. A big themed arcade that was SO much fun. With careful coaching I won a Luna-P plush out of one of the machines!! Yay yay yay! Also has anyone ever done Dance dance evolution? Not revolution – evolution. I swear it’s like P90X but with happier music…just still as miserably hard.

Then we had the AMAs this past weekend and you guyssssss. Dream come true.

We’ve talked about it a million times but it was so insane. How can I be Princess Leia for Halloween?! Where can I dress up like that again!?

But my true highlight of the night was meeting my long time idol, Jennifer Lopez.

I’m gonna fangirl for a few paragraphs aka divulge my most embarrassing celeb encounter ever.

How amazing was she on the opening though!? I teared up (of course).

We were invited to her after-party so Jeremy and I mosied on over after the show was over to check it out. When she arrived a bit later, I freaked. She was over at her booth taking pictures with her guests and dancing and I had to take about ten minutes to muster up the courage to go over to her.


Here’s how it went. Please imagine me in the most awkward way possible trying to be cool but failing (no way).

“Hi! My name is Kirstin from Pentatonix-“

“Oh, wow, you guys were amazing tonight!”

“Wow, thank you so much and thank you for having us here – this is such an honor. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a fan of you since On The 6 and the beginning of your career. You were totally my idol growing up and I can’t tell you how much this means to me to be here right now, I just have to say thank you for everything you’ve done.”

(Commence tears and awkward sniffling and shuffling of the feet)

“And I just want you to know that you have inspired so many people and I think you’re beautiful and incredible. That little girl you were talking about with big dreams was absolutely me and I looked up to you so much—omg sorry, I didn’t want to do this (cry).”

And she was so nice the entire time holding my hand and thanking me. I’m such a loser. I’m like tearing up now, HAHA! I’m emotional.

I love when people with incredible longevity to their careers can remain so poised and gracious. You never know how they’ll act. And I’m sure they have bad days and can come across poorly at times…I know I’ve had days where I was feeling down.

But I’m so thankful. So happy that she was as beautiful and wonderful as I’ve always dreamed.

I then had to go off into the furthest corner away from her to cry some more and talk to Jeremy about how I idolized her when I was a kid. I had all her jewelry, her clothes, her karaoke tracks, everything! She was a strong, killer Latina! I wanted to be everything she was.

End of story is I’ve never been more embarrassing, haha!

Now we’re off doing Christmas press and shows. We’re stalking anything and everything that has to do with Christmas. Can’t tell if that’s a totally normal and okay thing or creepy…please don’t get tired of us. J

Thanksgiving break was way too short but I’m looking forward to ending the year strong and joyful! Maybe one day I’ll regain any semblance of a sleep schedule but for now…

Lastly! Have some exciting news to share with you all! I feel like I’ve been teasing for months but I’m going to have limited edition merchandise available for preorder starting next week!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!



P.S. Some of you have been asking for a Tangled cover… well… stay tuned 😉

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