chapter forty

After eight long months I am finally back in my happy place!!

We were so fortunate to be traveling to New York City so often last year and the years before. I felt like I basically lived there, I was there as much as I was at my own home in Los Angeles!

But this year, we hadn't come close and the time off we did have I wanted to spend finally enjoying and relaxing at home. Too many piles to organize, haha.

And let me tell you, it is SUMMER in New York!

I'm not a big fan of pools or beaches. My clothes are predominately black or layers not appropriate for the hot summer sun.

I have been here numerous times in the summer, but I still always forget how warm it gets here. I just always imagine crisp weather and cozy layers when I think of New York.

No matter the weather, I am having a wonderful time enjoying how beautiful the skyline looks when the sun begins to set and the bustling city life that never seems to sleep.

Speaking of never sleeping, we did Good Morning America yesterday and were on Live with Kelly this morning! Make sure to go check it out!

As most of you know, my one and only longest and closest friend Will Ganss lives in New York City and works on GMA!

It’s always so wonderful to be able to travel with PTX and spend time with friends I generally would not have seen, but it is even more special to be a part of their success and their own personal journey to achieve their dreams! Especially since it’s such a long friendship!

Will has been and will always be such a special friend to me. Jeremy even showed him the ring he wanted to get me months before he even got it and popped the question!

Speaking of being a part of a friend’s successes, I have to shamelessly plug my wonderful and beautiful friend Klara! She has her own Medspa/BeautyLab and I first came to her for a Lash Lift, but most recently go to her for her amazing facials!

I met her quite a bit before Pentatonix really took off into success, so it’s like we both grew our businesses together! She is one of those people that make you feel so special and bright.

This is why I love this city!! New York City is so wonderful for a thousand reasons: it has so many of my closest friends that live here, Broadway shows, great shopping, and nooooooow A MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM!?

Museum. Of Ice Cream.


I’m about to blow up everyone with colorful pictures of ice cream-themed greatness. It was seriously so fun.

You know I’m such a sucker for themed parties and fun whimsical ideas. This was right up my alley. And now I have a good line for “Two Truths and a Lie.”

Tonight I’m going to see The Color Purple which has another very dear friend in the cast. And tomorrow?? Some shopping? Fun hangs?

Definitely some Pokemon-GOing. ;)

I wanted to reach out to you guys because some of you have suggested topics I could write about. I love the suggestions and will definitely be taking them in to consideration for upcoming weeks. Again, my blogs are only my opinion. So I hope you guys take it and form your own opinion and that helps you more than anything else!

Frolic with me in NYC and follow all my adventures! See you guys soon!



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