chapter forty-three

I am soooo tired.

This past week was incredibly productive and I checked off a lot on my to-do list, but man, was it exhausting. It felt like one thing after another, something to do or think about was always on my mind. 

The days were long and started early and by the time my alarm went off for the fourth time (yikes, haha), I was still so exhausted I had to roll myself off the bed and force myself to move and wake up.

Seriously how is it that I am most comfortable and cozy in bed the second I have to get out? So unfair!!

So many great things happened as well! I can’t wait to share all the new opportunities and projects I have with you guys! Be on the lookout! J

But for now I will try my best to enjoy my surroundings in the incredible Tokyo, Japan aka my favorite place ever (I know, NYC, you too)!! I already got my nails done and ate some pretty legit ramen and now I’m literally about to pass out from jetlagged exhaustion so I can wake up tomorrow fresh and ready to take on the day!

I can tell my brain is a little mushy and slow because of the way I’m translating my whisps of thought into sentences. It’s also taking me a while to type because of the extra inch or so added to my real nails. Beauty can be so impractical at times, eh?

I am so excited to share my Japan adventures with you guys though! This is Nicole’s first time to Japan and we have a lot of time off tomorrow! Where should we go?

I also just dyed my hair a funky fun color for the first time ever! It’s been a myriad of different hues, but never like this. So exciting!

All that hard work must have made me a little gray, eh eh eh? ;)

Speaking of being a little busy exhausted bee, who has been watching the Olympics?

I haven’t been able to watch the events live, but I’ve been keeping up on social media after. These athletes are INSANE. I can’t even start talking about Simone Biles. No one needs to hear me gush.

I am seriously astounded by their talent and work ethic, though. I say I’m exhausted? My sleepiness is a joke compared to how insanely exhausted they must feel, mentally and physically!! What was everyone’s favorite?!

I went down the Olympic loophole and started watching rhythmic gymnastics.

I mean, wow. Just wow.

I don’t think my body could bend and rotate like that less catch a ball. So much precision and grace!! It’s seriously stunning.

Let’s chat! I’ll be off and on this week and next answering some comments and looking for suggestions on what to write next week!

Love you guys! Keep safe, productive, and on the lookout for greatness within!



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