Chapter Forty-Four

My heart gets a little heavy at times, watching what’s happening to the world.

Societal changes, natural disasters, dangerous people playing with fire and inspiring even more dangerous things.

I’ve always said that I’m so, so lucky to have grown up in the time I did, before electronics and iPhones were commonplace by the time you were five years old (or shockingly, before). When you had to go to the library to write your paper. When I loved books because that was the only place that my imagination could create any fantastical thing I dreamed of.

Now we have movies. CGI. Nothing seems too impossible anymore, or after long.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy to witness these incredible technological advances. We are doing things that people made movies about less than half a decade ago.

That’s insane!!!

It’s beautiful.

But part of me hates the fact that we cannot be satisfied by simplicity anymore. That our heads are always buried in our electronics and some people only feel safe to speak their mind (or bully) behind a computer screen where no one can actually own up to what they’re saying.

I think many of my conversations between me and a crush only got real behind the safety of my phone when I was growing up, which maybe contributes to why I’m not very confrontational, haha!!

But also every time there’s negativity online about me, I don’t get sad or angry like people would obviously think I would. I used to let it affect me.

But I started to wonder if the person hiding behind a screen name really thought I was a slut for showing cleavage, or a whale, or maybe that the person was just jealous that their life amounted to cyberbullying while I was doing things that made me happy.

And now, I don’t ever look at comments much anymore. And when I do they make me giggle. :)

I try to think back to when we began to lean so heavily on the internet and all technology had to offer us to make our lives easier on a daily basis.

I don’t know.

I know as humans we always want more, to achieve more, to achieve an even higher level of greatness than the person next to us. Put like that, it seems like a great mentality.

I just also believe it’s dangerous.

We are so fortunate to have what we have in this world, yet we act entitled off the mindset of our parents and grandparents who had the notion of working hard to earn their place.

I feel like that was the American dream. Hard work, action, got you there. Now that we have it, we feel we deserve nothing less and live off the past actions of our family before us.

And we complain, oh my GOD.

I can’t go anywhere without hearing people bitch about something, or find something to be angry about in a completely innocent situation. I do it too!

Sometimes I feel that’s what society is coming to. Everyone being overly critical and so wrapped up in their own selfish mindset, they can’t help but find offense to a range of things that did not mean to even involve itself in drama.

We have a very easy life. All of us.

Even when I was a kid and my family struggled financially, we were still the luckiest.

We all are. We all have something special.

It’s not fancy clothes, it’s not a rich family name.

It’s our lives.

And we have to make the most out of it.

On top of that, if you’re reading this blog you must have internet access, so I assume you have a computer or a cell phone.

A home.

It is much more than other people have. It is something people can only dream about in some places, or maybe they’d rather dream of something not as frivolous but rather something that will keep their life going.



We are so, so lucky.

So next time you complain about something frivolous, no matter how dramatic it is in your life at this moment, remember how fortunate you are!!

Remember what you do have as opposed to what you do not.

Take value in the fact that you are alive. You are healthy. You are _____.

Maybe the person next to you, maybe the person across the world wishes for that one thing you take for granted.

We’ll often be hit by tragedy, man-made or natural.

Until then, take satisfaction and happiness for what’s right next to you.

I hate change. I don’t do well with it.

But you never know when it will be the last time. For anything.

Cherish it.

My heart goes out to Italy, to Syria, to Louisiana, to all the victims of all the recent tragedies whose homes were abruptly stolen from them.

I cannot imagine your heartbreak and loss.

But I give all my love to you on your journey to happiness and recovery.



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