Chapter Forty-Five

Hello, Australia!

We are back on tour!!! And it is beautiful here!

I am astounded that it is September. Wow. Days move by so quickly now!!

A lot of wonderful things have happened over the past week, but it’s all about staying organized! I felt a bit scattered trying to catch up on everything so I’m hoping I can be better about it from now on!

It’s about that time of the year that you realize it is actually more than half way over, and it’s predominantly been spent touring and away from home. Which believe me, is a great thing! But time has escaped me!!

I definitely have been feeling that quarter life crisis, but in a really great wake-up call way.

I am the luckiest. I am very blessed to be able to sustain myself in a career doing what I love. I have been fortunate enough to be living out this dream career since I was nineteen.

But I am not nineteen anymore. I am twenty-four. And sure, I have accomplished much between nineteen and twenty-four. But having the benefit of being young and being successful is no longer something I can fall back on.

Maybe that sounds a little cynical and maybe it is.

All I know is that maybe those times I fell asleep early or didn’t wake up on time, or was too anti-social to get out and meet people, maybe those are the times I truly held myself back. I have only just recently started to be comfortable and confident with myself and I’ve seen the progress in my working life and personal, but what if I had taken the steps sooner?

Where would I be?

Everyone has their own journey, absolutely. It takes more time for some than other natural socialites.

But sometimes being uncomfortable can be an excuse when you’re not taking the steps to move past your fear. Sometimes worry holds you back from exploring opportunities that you’re making such a big deal about.

And everyone is getting more successful at a young age. Teenagers have millions of subscribers and success because they can be hilarious in fifteen seconds.

Technology, right?! It’s amazing.

But it means that there are no more excuses for how you can handle your goals and work ethic.


It’s kind of scary, right? But empowering!!

The world is at your fingertips. Seriously. In this lifetime we can access pretty much anything.

So use it.

I struggle most of the time as well. I get these bouts of “hell yeah” moments where I pride myself in checking every item off my daily to-do lists and other mellow days where I shuffle off and remorsefully think “I’ll just get to it later” and “maybe I’ll be better tomorrow.”

Know your limits. But don’t let them turn in to excuses. Don’t let repetitive headaches or sadness define your work ethic and your accomplishments.

I am definitely my own worst enemy with all that. And I don’t like exposing myself to anything I’m bad at, so then I often never get better because my ego holds me back. Sad cycle.

I should have fumbled through when I was younger. 

I should have known it was okay to look bad back then.

I should know that it is still okay now.

I should, you should, he should, she should, we should…

There’s no right or wrong time to start something.

You just have to be the one to start it.

What are you waiting for?




P.S. I am SUPER excited for this new round of merch!! Both items mean a lot to me! They will be released next week, 9/7 with my blog, so be on the lookout!!! YAY, love you guys!!!

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