Chapter Fifty-Two

Halloween is very quickly approaching.


You don’t have to ask me. I am always counting down the days until I can literally get my freak on. The new debate for my costume this year is “am I too scary?” Only pictures will tell I guess…

I have had Halloweens where I am the Lindsey Lohan of the Halloween party, showing up in some dramatic full out costume and make-up and looking far more terrifying than fun and spunky. Honestly, I get kinda embarrassed by how seriously I can take it sometimes. It especially sucks to be in places where I stick out like a sore thumb.

Weho? Welcome, anything and everything.

Most bars everywhere else? Ehhh, leave the pale facepaint at home. Booty shorts can stay though.

We’ve been so busy (but when are we not at this point) that I didn’t have ample amount of time to put together the costume I wanted.

I held back intentionally in fear that I would gather a bunch of crafty stuff and be so full out that I would be disappointed or awkward when everyone else took it super casual. I put out feelers in texts like “HEY, Halloween what are your thoughts??!?!!” that garnered no responses. Then, I decided I’d have multiple costume ideas in my head varying from super basic, pretty but intense, and then more full out so I could cover all my bases.

Basically, I waited. And now I have to live with my regret, hahaha!

I just find Halloween so incredibly fun I can’t help it. I honestly get pretty peeved when people try to shut down others’ joy and costume ideas, because to me Halloween is about embodying something you admire, you think is beautiful, you think is cute, you think is fun!

If I wanted to be a geisha, even if I thought they were beautiful, someone would complain about it even though Japanese culture is the most beautiful and fascinating culture in the world in my eyes.

If I wanted to paint my face like a sugar skull because I found the meaning and the details incredible, someone would hate on me and disparage me for disrespecting a culture that I could fight back and say was my own.

There are absolutely some offensive costumes out there. I would think dressing up as the KKK, or Hitler, or something along those lines would be to par on everyone’s shock factor. An aborted kid. Brock Turner, even. A ______. I don’t know, something fcking stupid and horrific like that, there are a MILLION.

But me wearing a blue ombre wig, a brown dress, and little fur pellets means I’m completely disrespecting Native American culture, especially when I pose by my then-boyfriend who’s wearing jeans, a button up, and a cowboy hat?

Me wanting to cosplay as one of the most known couples in a movie in 2016 is offensive because the Joker and Harley Quinn are known for their abusive relationship? And I should educate myself before romanticizing a couple so horrible, even though they have been characters in the DC series in different lights for DECADES?!

That would be like saying don’t be a witch because that means you practice and condone witchcraft.

Don’t be a vampire if you believe in God because of their relationship with the Devil.

Don’t even think about being a little devil, even with those cute little sequined horns of yours, because what are you trying to say about yourself?

People will always find a reason to be offended. If I had a senior yearbook, that would be my quote. “2016 – The year of everyone always being offended by something.”

This blog will offend people. People will write about costumes that have offended them at some point, and honestly I am sorry that something about the costumes, or the way people were acting in them were so offensive to you. I honestly am.

It really sucks to feel disrespected.

And some people wearing those costumes will be wearing them because they don’t care. I personally hate the personification of a Mexican being a mustache, a poncho, and maybe some wet hair. I’ll let you think about that one.

But I think we’re past that era where crude jokes and play on words is a hit at a party.

I think the spirit of Halloween doesn’t truly embody that, nor do people try to just culturally shame or offend everyone.

When I was a little girl, Halloween was about embodying someone or something for a day that I was not. Someone that I respected or thought was just freaking rad.

I was a pop star.

I was a vampire, three times.

I was Sailor Mars.

I was Pikachu.

I was a sheep. I was a belly dancer. I was a cowgirl.

I was Mulan. Esmerelda.

I could be anything I wanted to be!!

I borrowed from other cultures to make my costumes authentic. I admired the colors and delicate designs and couldn’t wait to live in them for a night. I cherished this whimsical night of being anything I wanted to be.

And no one told me it wasn’t okay. It was freedom. And it was just fun.

So before you go out and judge everyone’s costumes, or the parents for allowing them to wear them, just think about the pure unadulterated joy you had as a kid to become anything you wanted for the night.

Saying you can’t use costumes from other cultures because it will come off offensive is like saying I have to stick to my own culture’s costumes, and I could maybe say that’s kinda racist.

Let people live!!! Let them have fun.

They are all not trying to disrespect you.

Remember the beauty and theatricality of embodying whoever you want. And have fun.

Have a super safe Halloween!!! Watch out for clowns. ;)



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