Chapter Fifty-Three

I can't believe how inbred double standards are at this point. It's painful.

At this point people don't even realize that they're doing it. 

People don't realize how selfish they can be to their own feelings and how it affects or does not affect them as opposed to the bigger picture. 

Even saying that statement, I know at times I've voiced my opinion and my intention did not resonate clearly with my words. I have to realize I have done it at times too, maybe even just with poor verbiage that comes across offensive even when I did not intend to.

I know, especially today, different people are affected differently and more deeply than some around them. They're all for different reasons too, reasons that affect you personally, reasons that may not affect you but you believe in, mannerisms, topics, things that question your religion, your race, your core values.

I get it. We’re all feeling the balance of America sway today while people figure out how to deal, cope, and some to celebrate. Regardless of your opinion, this is the hand we are dealt and I have an incredible amount of hope and belief in us and this country. So much of what’s looming on the horizon may seem so negative, but it doesn’t mean it actually has to be.

This is not me invalidating your opinion. There's a balance too of showing people a different side than they would have thought as opposed to shoving your own opinion down their throats.

That’s what I love about this blog, this outlet to be able to express myself, because it’s for you guys to get to know me and for me to connect with you guys as well. I really love how involved and responsive you are, because the whole purpose of this blog is to get you thinking.

If you don't agree, don't. You don’t have to agree with everything I say. I would hope you wouldn’t, honestly!

If you do and find even more of your beliefs and yourself, wonderful!! That is what I want more than anything, this coming from a person that never looked deep within herself to know what she actually wanted and instead spent her life pleasing others. It’s not the way to live and be truly happy.

I want to get you thinking.

I want to get you actively involved with yourself and your beliefs as well as with the world and the insane society we live in. 

It is so important now to be actively involved in your life and your surroundings. Because this is YOUR life. And you are in charge of it.

And if you complain about what’s going on around you without ACTIVELY staking your claim, then shame on you. You have contributed by not participating.

I didn’t used to get that, I think.

Being a woman in a workplace surrounded by friends, I didn’t take the business and work part as serious as I should have. I considered, and still do albeit a bit differently, what I do to be more like an extracurricular activity that never ended. The ultimate dream!!

But at the end of the day, no one will best take care of me, but me.

No one will respect the one small, young girl surrounded by other heavy hitters until I respect myself.

No one will take the work I provide seriously until I do it full-force and commit. And it’s not hard. It’s just about actually getting out there and doing it. It’s about knocking that mental block out of the way so it can stop barricading you from your potential.

Men can cry and everyone can’t believe how emotionally hard it must be to emit tears, but a woman will cry and it’s weak.

A man can make demands. A woman “bitches.”

I could go into a million different double standards just between sexes, which is crazy, and I can even show the discrimination of being a normal white male in America too. I would much rather be exactly who I am than someone born with the privilege of being called out that they have so much privilege.

I wouldn’t trade my race, my religion, my mind, my thoughts for anything. I want to continue learning and growing. My potential will never be set by anyone else. And yours shouldn’t either. You should be PROUD of who you are.

I also love to prove people wrong. And I am proud of how far I have come and how much I have worked to be in the position I am now. And if I even slept an hour or so less a day and applied myself more, I know I could be even better. 

I will set my potential. If I don’t, no one will.

Same to you.

Don’t let people bring you down.

Don’t let the person that will throw a fit in the room make threats and make you feel small.

Voice your opinion.

Grieve If you’re sad, if you’re scared or confused.

Stand for your beliefs.

But don’t be the person you are criticizing on the other line. Don’t shove your opinions down everyone’s throats. Don’t attack. Don’t lash out, physically or verbally.

These will be trying times while America tries to unite again. I know everyone is frustrated and scared.

But we CAN do it.

We need to stop helping people categorize and separate us. This is the time to unite! We are no better than the person next to us. You “deserve” nothing.

Look at your fellow Americans and smile at them today.

Spread love.

People will always try to tear you down.

But we got this!!! Stand tall and proud.

I love you all so much. I believe in every one of you.




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