Chapter Fifty-Seven

You guys!

I can’t believe we are well in to December now. After next week, we will officially be done with all business-related events and appearances and we’ll be able to relax (aka I’ll be able to finish unpacking all those boxes I’ve been working on)!

For those that did not know, we moved in to a house! YAY!

I cannot fully explain how incredible and peaceful it feels to be somewhere I can truly label as home. To be somewhere that is completely and totally mine.

Is it way more stressful when things go wrong? Well, yes. You can’t call maintenance to come free of charge and fix it all.

Have we discovered a million extra things that the house is desperately in need of in order for it to run efficiently, safely, and comfortably? Well, yeah.

Jeremy is so wonderful at spear-heading projects, I don’t think I even know half of what has gone wrong or been fixed! It’s crazy!

But even when the water heater’s down and I have to take a cold shower, it’s still home. Even though there are things that need immediate attention to provide comfort and safety to our home, it’s ours.  It’s so exciting!

Now I can officially be okay with my quarter life crisis (ehhhh) because I have been experiencing so many new and wonderful things this year! It’s everything I have ever wanted, but it all seems to be happening at once, hence feeling overwhelmed.

Yet, there’s so much positivity that it’s hard to let any overwhelming feelings squash what is going on. 2016 has been the best!! I feel it for the group, for Jeremy, for myself, and for you guys as well. We have already come so far, and we’re only fifty-seven chapters in. ;)

I’m holding out for some big things for us next year, guys. I really am looking forward to what 2017 will bring and I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on.

It will definitely be nice to take a moment soon to actually start wedding planning, or work on more improvements for the house, or take a second just to do something fun and time-consuming for once because I actually have the time!

I want everyone to start thinking of something positive that will catapult them in to 2017! Not a resolution in a negative way, but something that doesn’t focus on the past at all. Something about just doing better.

I wholeheartedly believe that mentality has been crucial to my success and happiness this year. Past years were all about regret for how I should have been or what I should have done, while 2016 was just like…this is going to be a great year, this is going to be MY year.

Don’t share your thoughts just yet. Mull it over for the next few weeks. Relish what was so good about this year. Recognize what you didn’t care for.

Look at the lights, your family, your friends all around you and cherish what you have. Be inspired by the change you want in your life.

As for me, I can’t wait to be done unpacking and organizing so I can put my home all in order and in the Christmas spirit!! I am almost done with Christmas shopping as well!

Speaking of Christmas shopping, some restocks and a NEW holiday merch item that I premiered on KASTR is NOW AVAILABLE!!!! I am so obsessed with it and I hope it keeps you all cuddly and warm!

I love you all. Stay safe. Thanks for following all our endeavors.

Your love means the world!




P.S. I have to gush that I’ve had the most wonderful week EVER and got to meet someone I’ve looked up to and been inspired for YEARS. Ryan Gosling. Someone commented that I had met my other inspiration, JLO, around the same time last year. I am geeking hard core. Thank you all for supporting us and allowing me to meet my icons. It is so inspiring

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