Chapter Fifty-One

Greetings from Sacramento, CA!

I can't believe it's the last tour of the year. It’s been so non-stop all year — heck for the past FIVE years — that 2016 has completely flown by. It was a great year though, for the group and for my own personal accomplishments, so hoping to close out this year with just as much success and enthusiasm! I personally can't wait for an even better 2017 with some exciting new announcements.. :)

It's so nice to be touring in America again!

Our full production is back so it's an exciting little pick up from a show we've been doing all year. Let me tell you, I forgot how high that lift went or how shaky the boxes can feel in heels sometimes, haha! But it’s so amazing! I feel like a rockstar with all this production, it's so fun!!

What I also love about U.S. tour legs is seeing friends and family I would normally not see.

I’m so blessed to have a job that helps me connect with people I don’t live close by! I always say it’s hard to maintain friends with so much traveling, and it absolutely is, but on the positive side I get to see so many others I wouldn’t normally see! It’s always amazing to catch up with friends and see how far they’ve come, or how they’re successfully achieving their own dreams while you achieve yours!

I saw my friend Elly yesterday and we couldn’t believe it’d been about a year since we last saw each other. I have to geek, cause she planned the sweetest surprise for me for our day off, but we couldn’t do it all because the group had a meeting!

She had put together a congratulatory engagement scavenger hunt with cute glasses, a sash, and everything! The entire day was planned out with wine tasting, yummy food, and the hunt based on a point system! The activities were sooo cute too. I felt so loved!

We may not have completely finished the scavenger hunt, but we did have some incredible sushi, haha! So I think the day is chalked up to success. :)

Tomorrow we have a show in Anaheim, which is super fortunate because that’s Jeremy and my 3rd anniversary! I can still celebrate dating anniversaries, right? I’m not married yet! :)

I can’t believe I’ve spent three crazy, roller coaster years with Jeremy. He was with me before Pentatonix really started taking off. He was with me when I was being a crazy, when I was selfish, when I knew what I wanted but never took the means to get there. He was there when I was so sad and down on myself, and he lifted me up with just who he was as a person: motivated, positive, hardworking. I knew I wanted to be like that, I was so inspired by him I'd just wake up in the morning feeling better!

I feel like I’ve really grown up the last three years. I’ve come a very long way. And I’m so happy (and maybe a little embarrassed, haha) that he was there by my side for every step of my journey. I can’t wait for the next three years, and years after that!

I think it’s always important to recognize the past and what happened, but not dwell in it. People get caught up on the what ifs, they get caught up on what they did wrong or how they’d go back and do something differently. People nowadays are walking corpses stuck in the past, never gaining peace, never moving forward.

And it’s hard. I know. I still have ghosts in my closet. When I encounter them they seem as real as they were years ago.

But the past is the past.

You can’t return. You can’t get it back or make changes to it. It will never be the same way it was in that moment of time, however perfect (or not) it seemed.

So let it go.

Release that negativity. Release that sadness or whatever it is that is trapping you.

Free yourself.

You have the power to do it. Because most of all, the past is not what’s holding you down.

You are.

I very passionately believe that people generally have complete control over their situations. They choose what they let affect them and how deeply or not.

Two people from the same family and upbringing can look at the world completely differently. One might have risen to the challenges of his upbringing, while another let it suffocate him.


At the end of the day, if you think everyone is out to get you then that is all you will see.

If you give another person power over you to make you feel small, to feel bullied, then that is all you will see in your mind.

The mind is a powerful thing.

But it is YOUR mind. And YOU are in control.

I know there is so much darkness in the world right now. I know it’s upsetting. It’s scary. It’s just really, really sad.

But it doesn’t mean there has to be negativity in your life. It doesn’t mean you are the odd one out. It doesn’t mean you cannot possibly find your place in a world so inbred with hate.

Not everyone is bad. And even the people expressing negativity, maybe they’re not so bad either.

Maybe they’re just a little lost.

Keep your head high. There’s so much good in the world.

Just look within yourself. :)



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