Chapter Fifty-Eight

Hello, friends! It sure has been a while, hasn’t it?

How are you?! Happy New Year!!

The past year I continuously gushed about how much I loved 2016, but I know 2016 burdened many. I know that regardless of events that were happening in your personal lives, the public events around the world seemed to weigh everyone’s positivity down. Even if you were excelling individually, you couldn’t help but notice different parts of the world burning down around you and lose a bit of hope.

But now I hope the concept of a new year and the refreshed attitudes of those around you will propel you back in to greatness and kindness. Because regardless of the things you cannot change happening around you, you do have a say in what you put out and what you let in.

You really do.

What you allow in your life will dictate your every thought and move. So let’s make it a fresh and positive one! That should be your 2017 outlook for positivity!

Even if you believe you cannot let go of something, you can’t forget, you can’t forgive, you can. It’s called progress and it does not come overnight. Bit by bit, step by step you are moving forward. You are growing up. You are learning.

It’s not “getting over something.” It’s bettering yourself so you can move forward to your happiness and your success.

It takes time, but most of all it takes your willingness to accept change and yourself!! You have to want to change and want to be better. People around you can help you for so long, situations can go well for so long, but it takes YOU to propel yourself forward. Don’t make excuses for you not treating yourself to your own love and your best anymore!

So don’t let your past weigh you down and stop blaming it on others when you have the ability to “accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” <3

I have made maximum effort this year (yeah, I know, it’s only been six days) to stay on track with my goals and set myself up for success. It’s working!!

I signed up for a gym and I’ve gone every day (wellllll except January 1st). Even when I feel like my limbs are about to fall off or are locked up to the point where I’m almost tumbling down the stairs I keep pushing myself. When I cannot fully commit to going to the gym or a class I make sure to run outside or do something, because every little bit and every minute I can add on to a healthy, active lifestyle will further me that much more towards my goal!

Last blog I asked you guys to think about what you wanted to create out of 2017. I hope you’ve kept your resolution and your wishes close to your heart. You can share them here if you’d like, but ultimately it’s not about show. It’s for yourself.

I’m tired of everyone doing things because they want to look good. I’m tired of everyone wanting to get the most likes, or the highest stats, etc. I’m tired of everyone turning on each other for what the popular opinion is at that time. That will not drive you in the end.

Do it for you.

Yesterday was Hayao Miyazaki’s birthday and to celebrate Jeremy and I went to a special 20th anniversary screening of Princess Mononoke!! It was AWESOME! It is my FAVORITE Japanese animated movie of all time, even more so than Sailor Moon. Everyone try to contain your shocked gasps.

I had to cosplay of course and peculiarly I was the ONLY one!!! I’m gonna need someone to fan over Miyazaki as much as me, cause the turnout was disappointing. ;)

Last night, watching it in Japanese, I was reminded of how beautiful and wonderful the story was and how its meaning and lessons are even more important today. I was reminded why I fell in love with animation, why I fell in love with this story line and the Princess Mononoke.

I want to fight unabashedly for what I believe in. I want to live as free-spirited and as driven. I want to appreciate nature around me, be grateful for what I have or don’t and never let my selfishness or my ways completely crush another.

There always has to be a balance.

If you ever think you deserve something because x, you’re wrong. If you ever think you’re completely right in the situation because y, you’re only looking within yourself and your own bias and ignoring all other factors. If you’re stuck on the hate and negativity you’re brewing within yourself and how it’s affecting you without thinking of anyone else around you trying to help, then you will remain stuck. You’re looking through eyes clouded by hate. So how will you ever get better?

I choose to live. Fully. In every sense of the word for whatever amount of time I am granted. I will not take it for granted.

For the rest of 2017 I hope to look upon my opportunities, my friends, my enemies, my hardships, everything with an open heart and “eyes unclouded by hate.”

It is your choice to do so.

“You cannot change your fate. However, you can rise to meet it.”


-Princess Mononoke




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