chapter eleven

It’s when you want the days to slow down that they whisk past you before you can even blink and appreciate them.

The days become long and laborious the second you try to count them down. (Trust me, I know).

This Labor Day week break we just had was gone before I could even realize! Fortunately, I accomplished many of the things I wanted to do but now I’m itching to go home so I can finish up the apartment and just be home in general!!

I went IN on Crate and Barrel, Container Store, etc. (Weee!)

It’s kind of insane how many useful items you can buy for your home as opposed to one luxury item (like clothing, accessories, even home stuff). I’m so happy with all my purchases and they made organizing the home super easy!

Which is obviously great since I only had about two days to get it all in and settle so that way Jeremy wasn’t surrounded by a ton of boxes for two weeks. Only just a few now. 😉

I still have so much more to do, but now I can’t wait!! The last apartment was filled with thousands of memories, good and bad, and now I can’t wait to see how the next chapter of my life will be written in this new place!

To commemorate the old, we had two couple friends over our last night in the valley. It was one of those superbly happy, emotional nights for me. You know, the ones where you maybe had the longest and best heart-to-heart ever with some of your closest friends? (Maybe after a long emotional night of drinking and crying…no? Just me?)

I reminisced at our beginnings in that place. We’ve never said we had a ton of friends together in Los Angeles, Jeremy and me. Not many who understood us and our goals and livelihood as a couple. No one to really support us and come to when we needed anything. It was just us. We were used to that. We were okay with that even.

But to leave the apartment celebrating with four amazing people we met over the last year? Four people that value each other as much, hold the same priorities, just ultimately get us because they operate similarly?

No words to describe my gratitude and happiness.

My relationships will always be long-distance for the time that I am with this group or even in the entertainment business in general. So being able to come home to people that care and support me from afar, that I know have the best interests for me and Jeremy and me as a couple in mind, is so stabilizing and wonderful. It makes home all the more wonderful.

I felt that all week, seeing some of these incredible people that I rarely see yet would do as much as they could to make sure I was okay. These people that were so easy to reconnect with after however many weeks of being away.

Those are the best kind of relationships, right? One day or a million could go by but when you’re with each other again, it’s like time never ripped you apart.

Amidst my busy week, the #KTaniMated contest wrapped up. Yay!!! You guys are the BEST!

As some of you may have seen, I was completely geeking and freaking out at how incredible all the entries were online. I chose two winner submissions that I thought best fit the purpose of the competition, but only after hours of biting my nails trying to narrow it down!!

I wanted to share some of my other favorites with you all, some Honorable Mentions if you will. I am again so thankful to everyone that participated and shared their talent and creativity with me! You guys are truly brilliant. I feel very honored, so thank you all.

Enjoy the beautiful #KTaniMated art from these insanely sweet people! Till next time, my friends!






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