chapter eighteen

Help. So sleepy.

I missed another week. I hope I don’t pass it off as habit at this point, because I don’t care to fall behind or miss out chatting with you guys!

I’d chalk it up to the jet lag, but come on…I could work harder.

Or sleep…

Just kidding 😉

If you’ve never experienced jet lag though, you’re missing out. Well…no. You’re not. I’m just saying this because I’ve been very delusional from not knowing quite what time it is or when the proper time to be awake is, so I’ve kinda just been word vomiting the last few days.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break though. Time to relax and be with family.

As exciting as everything has been, it’s that end of the year struggle. Like you’re waiting for that school bell to ring signaling the end of the day, the beginning of summer or some kind of break where your backpack isn’t digging into your shoulders from all the books you’ve been hauling.

I went to one of those Express Spas in the airport the other day and my masseuse was like, “Wow. Your body is horrendously out of whack. You need to take a rest or slow down.” (Not verbatim)

To which I said, “Well. No. I can’t.”

I PACK my bags though and we’ve been traveling A LOT. The second I ever pack like a normal person I’m freaking out because I’m missing some random object so…why not bring it all, eh?

(Nooooooo screams my back)


We’ve been traveling to some COOL places, so I can’t complain! We were in London for Halloween and in case anyone ever asks, London goes for it!!

I was initially a bit bummed because I’d heard they didn’t care much for spooky shenanigans, but when I went out to dinner that night with a friend I was amazed by how many people were traipsing around London in GREAT costumes!

They were also scary. Like someone actually scared me on the streets. He was wearing black tattered robes and stood almost seven feet tall and I swear he was like a dementor coming to suck my soul away.

Or just to say boo.

He suddenly stepped in front of me and said…boo.

Either way, you got me big guy.

The rest of our time in London was marvelous! And then after all the press, we headed to Nashville where I met up with Jeremy! Yay yay yay!

I’m the happiest in the world when my loved ones can come visit me while I’m busy. That they’d take time out of their work schedules and put it all aside just to be with me for whatever increment of time I’m available that day…and most times, it’s not a lot of time.

My mom flew out to Japan and we had barely any free time since things kept being scheduled. But she said she didn’t care, that regardless it was the longest we’d spent time together in forever.

Jeremy can work remotely but he obviously needs to be in LA, it’s just better and easier than me distracting him saying I have 30 minutes here or I’m only free after 10pm make sure you make time for me! But he’s supportive, just as my mom is.

So I’m happy! I’m so blessed with their love!

And let me tell you, I fell in LOVE with Nashville this past week.

Initially I was like, eh, what a wonderful city! But I never quite felt I truly belonged.

I can’t explain how welcoming and kind everyone was. People at the CMAs, new friends, people in random places we went to hang out in! The CMAs have been my favorite award show to attend purely because everyone was so kind. There was no anxiety or feeling to be perfect whatsoever. Everyone was there for the love of music, nothing else.

It made our time easy going, familiar.

It was an honor to step up on the stage in front of country artists that have been around for years and new ones we had the pleasure of meeting.

My shining moment?

I met Steven Tyler.

He was the first to stand after our Elvira performance and I’m pretty sure I got horse-blinds on the second I saw him, all I could see was him.

I grew up on Disney, country, and my mom’s music. That music included Aerosmith.

So later when I awkwardly shuffled up to him, I was nervous as usual yet so filled with gratitude and excitement that it made it easier than when I usually try to approach anyone.

“I’m so sorry. I just have to meet you and thank you so much for your music and your voice. My mom and I listened to you when I was growing up and it’s such an honor to meet you, I just have to say thank you for inspiring me with all your work. I think you’re so incredible, thank you for standing up for us, such an honor.”

His response was so kind I tear up thinking about it, haha! And what did I do the second I walked away?! Gush tears. Typical.

But, AMAZING, right?! Steven Tyler.

So grateful for his genuine kindness. Floored. And truly touched, because no one ever needs a reason to be nice. But isn’t it great when they are? 😊 

So where did we fly off to from there?

We went back to LA for less than 24 hours (what a tease) and then flew to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL PLACE EVERRRR: JAPAAAAAAN!

I’m here in Tokyo geeking out and like, starfishing my bed as I battle jet lag and pure excitement being here.

You know what though?

I really, really miss my mom here.

A ton actually. More than I expected.

It made my favorite place in the world way more special. 😊 

I’ll share all the fun, colorful, glittery stories later but here’s the breakdown as of now.

I love Japan.Japanese fans are maybe the nicest in the world I want to bottle them up and save them and their cute little gifts for a rainy day hope that’s not creepy…….I got my nails done again at esNAIL and I feel like a futuristic ice queen. Kawaii! Perfect for AMAs though, yeah? 😉 I ate the best ramen I’ve ever had. I’d say it’s debatably the best in the world, but apparently ramen is a major thing here with different styles and such so I must experience them all before I make my claim. Yatta!I LOVE JAPAN.We went to a Monster Café in Harajuku! They were the cutest and friendliest monsters I’ve ever seen. Can I honorarily be inducted?

ROBOT RESTAURANTTTTTT. Dressed up and all that fun stuff! I’ve been there three times in 5 months is that creepy?I LOVE JAPAN, OKAY!? MINNA DAISUKI!

I’ll have more fun stories soon, promise! Thanks for sticking around! Ja ne!



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