chapter eight

Moving is scary!

Whether it’s transferring schools, relocating to a new place, or even just leaving an old familiar home for a new one, it’s always a little nerve-wracking.

Everyone’s like hey, don’t sweat it, you’ll be okay.

And you will! But…any change is a little difficult to process.

I don’t do well with major change.

I get so complacent and happy with my surroundings that when anything is suddenly ripped from under my feet, I get upset. It’s hard not to I guess when you enjoy so much of what you have. It’s almost too scary to go after something else in case you lose that familiarity and happiness.

Yet, even though I’ve always had my doubts, change has always been good to me.

When I transferred from a private school to a public school because of the exemplary music and theatre arts program, I honed my abilities and enrolled in my first official choir. I learned life skills and dedication as I competed in All-State Choir, UIL, etc and pushed myself to excel in my studies so that I would be able to get a scholarship for college. I met Scott (already knew Mitch) and from there started the trio which would grow to become my livelihood.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I hated the first year entirely, yet it seems most people I’ve met have a similar story. It’s hard to relocate to a new place with expectations to start as beautiful or more beautiful of a life as you previously had. Adjusting is hard, especially when it’s to extreme measures.

And leaving a familiar home for a new one?

Well, that’s the change in my life right now.

My first year was misery trying to find myself in this new busy place where expectations of talent, looks, etc were higher than ever.

Since then I moved to a new place in North Hollywood by myself, out of the crazy busy hustle and bustle of LA and in to the calmer arts district.

And I loved it.

I fell in love with the area because it fit what I wanted in a home better and it was the first place I felt comfortable since moving. I felt safe there. I felt like it was my sanctuary, where after busy tour where I was constantly surrounded by others, I could retreat to in peace.

But, I’m taking the plunge, y’all! I’m moving! Yaaaaay!

I honestly never expected to move away from the valley since I love it so much. Any other part of Los Angeles is 1) expensive, 2) way crowded, 3) a reminder of poorly navigating through life the first year I was out, and 4) EXPENSIVE.

But I have my little family with me now. I have good friends here. I’m more aware of myself, what I like, what I need, who I am even, than when I was nineteen and first here.

It’s an area I’ve always wanted to live in and it’s honestly the perfect apartment to fit all our needs.

Yes, it’s kind of back in the center of things. But…I’m twenty-three. I got to get out there some more!! Broaden those horizons and not be so afraid to maybe flail a little.

I get too complacent at times, too “well, this is going great, exactly what I’ve been doing.” But I can always do more. Always work a little harder. Always get up a little earlier (well…).

I had one of those moments of seemingly divine reassurance like when we got Olaf.

(For those who don’t know that story, I had already decided if we found our perfect all-white husky with blue eyes, I’d want to name him Olaf. When we went to see him, his owner at the time was cradling him and said, “His name is Olaf! Because he’s all white, you know.” Boom. Any hesitations on getting him dissipated and now he is the most perfect doggy companion we could have ever asked for).

The apartment was actual perfection. It even had a bonus room because of the location. There was so much space outside for Olaf and I’m pretty sure it was in the most peaceful location of the complex. But to live in really any area that’s not the valley, you got to give a (lot) little (of money).

The leasing agent came back after what felt like eons where I expected the price to have skyrocketed somehow, and said, “I’ve worked here for six years and this has never happened before. From the time I initially printed these prices to tour you guys to now, the price has gone down.”


Okay, God, thank you!! I felt a sigh of relief. We had so many good things pointing to this particular new home!!!

So, we got it. We signed the lease.

After tour I will be moving to my new little spot, much bigger and much more perfect for Jeremy, Olaf, and me.

I won’t be afraid this time. I have the most wonderful support system. I can go out and network, try new classes, explore. I don’t even want to say shop because let’s hope that doesn’t go overboard. 


But I’m very excited for this new chapter. And hey, if it’s awful I’ll move back in a year, ha!

But I have a very good feeling that this move, along with all the other recent changes in our lives, is a great thing. I can’t wait to see where it will take me and how it will push me.

And I’m excited to decorate, teehee.

More life updates to come andddd some exciting things coming your way. Till next time!



P.S. On a completely unrelated but amazing note, my friends at Showboy Bakeshop in Vegas baked these INCREDIBLE cupcakes!!! Literally just ate another one as I posted this, hahaha. And love what they did with the logo, I see some of you guys using it in fun ways too! Thank you, I love you!

And if YOU LOVE CUPCAKES seriously go there; I was geeking out on how delicious they were, haha! And they were on Cupcake Wars which is like my dream come true, so… 


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